Tuesday, July 6, 2021

How to stop “rebound” weight gain

 Have you ever tried to lose weight but then you gained it all back?

This is called the REBOUND effect and here’s WHY it happens:

Every day you’re exposed to hundreds of toxins. They’re in the food you eat, the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the environment around you.

To protect itself from these toxins, your body captures these floating toxins in fat cells. The same way a manufacturing plant will store toxic waste until a truck can come take it away for processing.

The problem is these stored toxins not only cause unsightly “trapped fat” pockets around your body, but they also cause inflammation and interfere with the functioning of important hormones that regulate hunger, blood sugar, and your metabolism.

And to make matters even worse, if you do manage to lose some weight, the toxins get dumped back into your blood where the fat storage cycle repeats itself.

This is why most people experience the REBOUND effect, and gain all the weight back.

They lose weight initially, but the toxins are still there, so the body rushes to trap them back in fat cells again.

If you don’t take any action to help cleanse your body of these toxins, it can be extremely difficult and slow to lose weight and get healthy, despite diet and exercise.

To lose weight safely and permanently, you must reduce your toxin load and improve your body’s detoxification capacity at the same time so it can properly process the released toxins.

Wondering how to do it?

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