Saturday, June 19, 2021

10,000 steps a day and how doing this was a breathe of fresh air during the 2020 lockdown

I started my 10k steps a day journey back in 2020 during the lockdown.

My objective was to find a way to stay fit whilst at home and not be a couch potato watching Netflix etc and end up gaining pounds which I would definitely regret moving forwards.

The lockdown for me was a very positive step as it gave me an opportunity to focus on how to be a fitter and active person. I am a mum of 2 boys who are both very athletic, which motivates me daily.

I used my Instagram page for Accountability as I knew that this would push me daily. e.g when we join Weight Watchers and attend the weekly classes, we know that when we stand on the scale, we hope for lower numbers. In the same way, my Instagram page was my Call to Action page. 

Posted on my Instagram page 17 Jun 2021. This is Day_211

Another fascinating story or should I say outcome was when I started posting my daily steps on Instagram, I was also tracking my steps using the Nike App on my phone. I got a thank you email from them sometime in Jan 2021 and a card was posted to me with a free T-shirt. I was very surprised as I did not expect this. This was also another motivation for me to keep going.

See card details below:

Hoping my story will inspire others who are interested in getting active too. 

My instagram page is atinel ... please feel free to follow me.

Focusing on my health during the lockdown is one of the fundamental reasons why I decided to start this health and wellness website called  The Health Pool .

This is a very exciting phase and looking forward to building relationships and working with everyone. Please follow my website as I would like to build a global traffic and grow the business, 

Best wishes

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